Friday, October 19, 2007

Guitar Recital

Hey pls rmb that there is a guitar recital tml at vch at 8pm. yupp. just come if u want to.

Anyway, for those who want we'll be meeting earlier at 6.30pm at city hall MRT to eat dinner, 散步,bond, shopping and wht not. so do come if u can make it! and uh sms anyone if u wan come but am late, or else we might accidentally leave w/o u ><

This is the last piece he's gonna play tml - sevilla. (I think). Its played by john williams at a concert in 1987. quite cool. 1 of my favourite piece. (sound is abit sucky though - uh i just realise why -.- i kinda made it sucky paiseh)

And this is another piece by paco de lucia. one of the best flamenco guitarist. (John williams is a classical guitarist <3)

okay have fun thats all for now. have fun w samba xD

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