Monday, December 10, 2007

Lessons, Audtitions and Pieces to finish

Hi all,

We've talked to Mr Shi, Lessons will be counted at a cheaper price and by head so there is a chance that it'll be below $40+. We'll try to cap it at $40 though. So far the sec4s (3 of them have indicated interest) and about 3 of our batch people have indicated interest. If you're interested do let me/chen sin or vivien know asap cause lessons might commence next week.

Audition results are out. We tried to pass as many as possible, resulting in some people being required to come back to re-audition for 1-2 pieces and some for all. The 2nd audition will be in january so please take the time to practise. Treat the audition seriously because the consequences are serious.

Last of all, pieces to finish, Mr Shi will be coming down on the 17th and 19th and he wants us to finish till the first page of spring message for the training on the 17th and the whole thing by the 19th. Please work hard to meet the target. Once again like what he said, trainings are not for you to learn your pieces, they are for us to coordinate and brush up on dynamics. If you come to training without having practised, you might as well not come for training cause you'll just drag everyone down. We'll be much stricter on this now as requested by Mr Shi.

Details for guitar outing should be up soon.

okay. thats all. notice that i TRIED my best to use formal language and what not (ya im not irritated or wht la) so that ppl cant acuse me of being not serious xD haha. alrite enjoy ur holiday!

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