Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rules and regulations & loan/renewal of guitars

Hi all. :)


This is for the benefit of those who are not around when i made the announcement that day. Pls be informed that from today onwards (actually is that day onwards but nvm), everyone can leave their guitars in school on mon and wed. This is because we realised that many people may not be able to practise much during the weekdays due to our overloading schoolwork. Hence we hope that by doing so, we may indirectly encourage our fellow members to practise more diligently over the weekends. and of coz, if you want to bring home your guitar during the weekdays to practise, it will be highly encouraged. :) This brings me to the next rule...everyone, with guitar at home or not (to be fair to all) die die also must bring hm their guitars over the weekend to practise. SYF is coming. so everyone pls practise hard kay. :)


For those who are currently loaning guitar(s) from the club, pls be reminded that your previous loan has expired and you will need to sign another form (similar to that of last year) to renew your loan. Kindly get the form from me during trng. thanks. :)

For those who has yet to and is thinking of loaning guitar(s) from the club, kindly get a form from me during trng as well. Thanks. :)

PS: if you have any strong objections or suggestions to e rules and regulations or loaning of guitars above, pls feel free to discuss w me or any other exco members. thx. :)


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