Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank you everyone!

Dear Mr Quek, Mr Chan and Guitar Ensemble,

It was the first performance of Guitar Ensemble today - also the opening performance of today's Teacher's Day celebration. The urge of making a good first impression no doubt made all of us a little nervous. However, as I have said to you a moment before the curtain opened "This is your show - your performance!" , I believe the we - the whole ensemble have put more than 100% of your feelings and dedication on every note that we played today.
And owned the stage we have. From many encouraging comments that we have received from our teachers and friends today, I truly believe that our music has reached the audience's hearts and minds, our preparation effort in the last few weeks has certainly been recognised. While there are still much improvement that we need to work on, let this be the baptism by fire - a propitious beginning of our journey towards greater heights as one HCGC!
And certainly we cannot forget all the care and support that our teachers-in-charge, Mr Quek and Mr Chan, as well as Ms Wong, have given us throughout the entire process. Without whom this performance would have been impossible. Thank you so much for everything and happy Teacher's Day!
Lastly, to the Guitar Ensemble, I wish you all the best for your promos, PW & see you soon!

Best regards
Tran Ha Duong, on behalf of the HCGC EXCO 09-10

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