Saturday, October 17, 2009

Performance at Marina Mandarin hotel

Hi guys,

We have been given a chance to perform at the Marina Mandarin hotel early next year, we will have to practice really hard for it (:


Name: Herbal Medicine Conference Banquet‏
Venue: Marina Mandarin hotel -- Vanda Ballroom at Level 5
Date: 25th January 2010
Time: Around 8pm

Also, here's the list of people attending the NUS guitar workshop (see previous posts for details) as reference:
Zheng Rui
Chaw Han Sheng Edwin
Eng Zhiqing
Joanne Chua Li Ping
Lim Yun Chun Shena
Png Han Yong
Randy Chua Phua Wang
Shi Cheng Zi Jing
Tran Ha Duong
Juliana Ng Zhi Yuan

Zheng Rui.

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