Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Schedule and Guitar Riot

Hi guys,

The holiday practice schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 9am - 12pm: Sectionals
Thursdays 9am - 12.10pm: Session with Ms Wong

Venue for all holiday practices will be at LT1 unless told otherwise.

Remember that we have a performance at a hotel on 25th January next year (: if you have to miss any sessions, please make sure you find out what we practised and catch up at home. We will need to carry out another skill test for the performance (something like the last allocation test), either at the end of the year or very early next year (details will be announced at a later date).

Also, I understand that many of you will have various commitments during the holidays, thus please remember to submit your leave forms to jean before your actual day of absence.

Guitar riot:
Here is the updated list of members going for the guitar workshop on 12th december:
Zheng Rui
Chaw Han Sheng Edwin
Kuah Li Qin
Joanne Chua Li Ping
Lim Yun Chun Shena
Lim Xuan Qi Clara
Randy Chua Phua Wang
Yeo Yun Jie Serene
Tran Ha Duong
Juliana Ng Zhi Yuan

We will most likely be performing lagrima y sonrisas, we may have to arrange for a date to practice it together before the actual event.

Zheng Rui.

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