Saturday, April 30, 2011

SYF rehearsal videos

Hi all, here are our SYF rehearsal videos XD
I've written a short writeup for each piece to guide those who have not heard them before.

1st piece: The Days of Wine and Roses / Moon River
With a subtle chord, the piece sets itself in the comfortable rhythm of foxtrot.
The melody then switches over and pronounces itself with strong low notes, accompanied by the gentle undertone of melodious quavers.
Following a distinctive transition in meter at the end of the stanza, the melody eases itself into light waltz steps.
Harmonic chords now drive the strong rhythmic beats, with underlying quavers expressing the flow of emotions along a river.
The piece then comes to a resounding coda, followed by a decending melody and closing with a beautiful chord.

2nd Piece: Asturias

Initiating with a rhythmic spanish melody, the piece brings to one the picture of a solemn palace.
A unique bongo/tabla rhythm then enters the picture and the excitement mounts with a driving cresendo and flaming rasgueados.
The climax then diffuses into subtle pizzicatos and a unanimous harmonic E.
The piece then takes a breather and slips into a conversing phrase between melody and chords, utilising the full expressivity of the guitar.
Suspense then builds with a intoxicating melody,
thereafter plunging the music right into an exciting arena of strong melody, flamenco-style cassanets and authoritative bass.
Following a short bridge of calmness, the music erupts into a grand fanfare of the theme, leaving echoes in the air.
A familiar tune then returns as the piece reimmerses in clear memory, right back to the distinctive harmonic E.
A feeling of emptiness is then felt with the swelling bass and lethargic melody, as the initial melody is repeated for the very last time.
With a force of two successively repeated quaver chords and a harmonic note, the piece explodes with a resounding E chord into finality.

Enjoy XD

- Jin Jian

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