Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm here again!

wa lao, why nobody blog...den it seems like im spamming this blog with entries...booo~~

anyways, i just did smth nice...haha, the seniors should know about this song bah, esp jane and yongjing..yup, our rendition of Endless Love, or otherwise known as Shen Hua. It is the theme song of Jackie Chan's movie The Myth(Shen Hua)...hehe X)...but this is not our playing, i played it myself, not solo though, just recorded different parts and add them together...our performance was way better though...=/..i guess a song arranged for 3 guitars must be played by 3 people in order to bring out the effect...

hehe, feel free to download =)
p.s. pls ignore my lousy playing and timing...ahh!!! =(

(right click and "save target as")
Download Here: Endless Love (arranged for 3 guitars)

-sk =)

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