Sunday, February 24, 2008

Programme Committee / Publicity Committee for Concert 2008

Hello J1s! (:

As mentioned during training, those of you interested in joining programme committee or publicity committee please contact me and chen sin respectively.


Email us your name & contact no. so that we can go look for you. There might not be enough places for all of you so we might not be able to accommodate all or you or we might have to divert you to another comm. So do sign up quickly (: We'll most likely go look for you during/after training during wednesday so theres no need to do anything on your part. Just make sure that you can commit to it and be responsible. Recognition will be given to those involve in the committee.

For those that do not want to / didnt make it into the comms, fret not! The comms are just one of the few ways to do your part for our 2008 annual concert. You can still contribute in many other ways to make our guitar concert '08 a blast. Here are the things you can do.

1) PRACTISE (: <-- crucial!! Practise guitar everyday to make your MIs smile away! xD
2) Come up with a group item.

Concerts are such that there are ensemble items, traditions (e.g. Exco item, MI item), Solo item, Guest performances, performances by other CCA's, and most imptly group items. Form groups to choose which pieces you want to play. You get to decide everything, from the piece to the dynamics to the no. of ppl. Afterwhich, the programme com will decide if the item is suitable for concert performance. (hint: great chance for you to ask the girl you've always be eyeing to play w you) so pls take the opportunity to get to know more ppl, and form ur own item for concert. 2nd round of grp item audition will be conducted probably in mid-late march so do get cracking (:

There will be no lessons due to ur post orientation party. Lessons would start on the 3rd of march, a new month with a fresh start xD So do enjoy urself during the party and good luck to all (esp Athena)! LOL.

P.S. We'll send out invitations for you to join the blog shortly. Sorry didn't realise that we haven't invite you guys.

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