Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Heyhey, updates are here. Sorry for being late!=\

Music Lessons - Will only officially start on the 18th Monday;

There's a huge delay as supply is unable to meet demand (30+ J1s > 2 classes of 10 students)
Some of you may need to have music lessons privately. =(
Vivien's in the midst of sorting things out.
Things will be clearer by Friday's Training! I promise!

Guitar Vendor - The guitar vendor from Luthier will be down this FRIDAY @ 5PM
Please do bring along your angpao money and your savings to purchase your new guitar =)
Prices will range from 400-500++.
For those who can afford, buy!

Auditions (Check Post Below)


Yes, there's a combined announcement.

A call out to all talented designers to help design Guitar Ensemble's concert attire!
It's OPEN to both J1+2s. Drop me an e-mail at if you're interested.

Personal Profile Forms (PPF) have to be in this Friday. Please remember to bring!

Happy Valentine's Day 1 and all. (I know its early)

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