Saturday, April 5, 2008

J1s chosen as bridge announcement helpers!

Hello everyone, the following J1s have been chosen to help out with the bridge announcement on Wednesday, 9th April.

1 Melody Ho
2 Elissa Choo
3 Chen Libo
4 Yu Kewei
5 Jess Song
6 Lim Yisan
7 Quan Su Xiang
8 Fang Yulin
9 Ong Yu Han
10 Tan Yu Lei
11 Gloria Wong
12 Wee Jia Yi
13 Wang Sihao
14 Zhao Rui
15 Desiree Cheng
16 Kan Zi Yang
17 Duong Tuan Anh
18 Feng Lin
19 Winnie Foo
20 Chong Zheng Shan

Please take note/inform your friends that you've/they've been chosen. There will be a briefing session durring CCA on monday and a trial session on Tuesday after school. The time of the trial session will be confirmed on either on Monday or through the blog so please do check!

Thank you! :]

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