Sunday, April 20, 2008

J1s Dynamics


Attached are the scores w dynamics for both pieces. I realise i dun have the 2nd page for gavotte -.- so will show u all the 2nd page during training. pls add in the necessary dynamics and get them ready during training tml. thanks.

Things to note :

1. Gavotte - bar 7 for guitar 3. that thing there is a slur. go from loud to soft.
2. Salut - guitar 2 - rmb to accent on the notes in bar 8 & bar 12.

yupp. the things are pretty self-explanatory. diff colour has been used for diff guitar parts. hmm. rmb that a phrase is essentially a cresendo + decresendo. the loudest note in the phrase has been highlighted just to serve as a guide. thanks! (: pls prac hard.

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