Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guitar outing!

Hello! It's Gloria here to update everyone on the upcoming guitar outing.

Ok, it's not that soon.

As we announced in the last guitar practice, there will be a chalet on 5 to 7 Jan. 3 Days 2 Nights. It'll be held at Aloha Changi and everyone will be assumed to be going (thus having to chip in cash) unless you tell Tricia beforehand that you're not going for certain reasons. As Zhiying said, it's on an opt-out basis for the J1s.

Just some details, but they're not confirmed yet...The second night will be a barbeque, so you're welcome to bring lots of food but there should be food prepared already by our chalet subcomm. Yup. And all the guitar seniors are invited, no matter how many batches before! It's a good time to get to know your juniors, no?

Also, there is the possibility of another cca outing before the chalet...Haha, I like the Kbox idea Kyna. But isn't it kind of expensive? Anyway, do throw out ideas, opinions and suggestions on cca outings!

Ok, that's all. Everything will be confirmed soon hopefully. Good luck on your promo results everyone! And jiayou to our seniors.


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