Monday, November 10, 2008

Hi ppl! an update in case you didn't come today.

We are now practising a song called La Cumparsita. The allocation of guitar parts are as follows:

Guitar 1s:
Jia Jun, Nicolette, Charlotte, Zheng Shan, Su Xiang, Desiree, Yan Jun, Elissa, Melissa, Jia Yi, Chan Yi, Lisa

Guitar 2s:
Zhao Rui, Libo, Winnie, Huan Ting, Zi Yang, Jess, Zhi Ying, Wei Han, Yu Han, Tricia

Guitar 3s:
Lowell, Tzin Wai, Ziran, Jeremy, Gloria, Melody, Yu Lin, Kyna, Tuan Ahn, Jonathan, Feng Lin

A sample of the song ( the arrangement is different):

not totally just guitar, but with other instruments as well

with tremolo, by RGS i think

Regarding Quien Sera
You guys may have noticed that we have given you another song, Quien Sera. Your guitar parts are the same as La Cumpasita. We will be going through this as soon as we finish up with La Cumpasita(estimate of 1 week). Please try to play this song on your own smoothly before the time comes for us to combine. (P.S. The song sounds like Sway)

Sample of the song played by TPJC

If you do not have either songs due to your commitments/ being overseas, please email/ msn me to get a copy of the songs. Do not expect to come back next year and be able to play the songs perfectly within a short time as we have to prepare alot other songs for both syf and concert. THANKS (:

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