Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Updates on Trainings and Attendance

hey ppl!

The new venue for trainings would be at the 3rd level classrooms in the A block, A300, 302, 303. This is because the usual classrooms that we are using (E201, E202) are undergoing repainting. So please take note of the new venues!

Also, as mr quek has mentioned when he was addressing the club on monday, please be informed that your overall attendance for the year has to meet the 85% mark at least, for continued membership. We will be informing the people whose attendance has not made the mark as soon as possible and give further notice, or go through further discussion where necessary.

As all of us know, SYF is coming in a few months' time. Thus, we really hope that all of us can place guitar as top priority now amongst your other commitments (if you do have them), and remember that trainings are compulsory except when you are overseas (school trip or family trip), on attachment, or have other prior compulsory school commitments that take precedence. For voluntary events that work on a sign-up basis, they would, strictly speaking, not be valid reasons for absence from guitar trainings.

I believe many of us are kind of enjoying trainings at least a little more now.. what with the sports thing every Friday and all. So let's keep this enthusiasm going, and we can do it! If we put our minds to it. Let's work towards a common goal!

Tricia :)

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