Friday, January 9, 2009

HCguitar's 200th post!

Just wanted to chope it.

Haha...Anyway, today's the last sports session! And it was really fun. Our two juniors joined in too. Remember to say hi to them if you see them in our guitar practices. Their names are Zheng Rui and Randy (if I didn't get the spelling wrong)...But this is not the end of club lunches/meals.

As the start of school approaches, it also concludes the end of all the fun and games and partying in guitar club. But before that, I've got to say a huge thank you to: all those who attended the chalet, the chalet subcomm, and our 2 seniors for helping us to check in and joining in the fun.

Now, we have to mug really hard for both studies and guitar (don't forget to check your audition groupings below). There's practice on Monday at 3 pm! Our conductor will be there, so please practise your pieces, especially Black Orpheus, really hard. See you there!

To those in concert subcomm, you're now in orientation subcomm. More details will be provided in time to come.

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