Friday, May 29, 2009

Edited on 30th May:
A reminder for the NUS guitar ensemble concert:
Date: 6th June (next saturday)
Venue: NUS university cultural center concert hall
Time: 8pm

We will be having a dinner and fun session before the concert! (: so everyone pls meet at Boon Lay MRT at 4.30pm, afterwhich we can go for the concert together.

Hi guys,

In the light of the increased cases of H1N1 virus carriers (confirmed as 4 now) in Singapore, the teachers have decided to temporarily suspend practices for the June period till the end of block test. They will continue to monitor the situation to see if things will improve.

However, we have to use the time in the holidays to brush up our guitar skills and get ready for performances (there will be many performing opportunities). Also, we have to start preparing at least fifteen songs from now on for the concert next year (which is a really short time). Therefore, all of you have to bring your guitars and scores back to practice. We will test you on your performance-readiness when school re opens.

Cheers (:

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