Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Exco results!

Sorry, sorry...I know this is a bit lag since the new Exco already posted. It's just that I got home barely in time to catch American Idol and it ended about...20 minutes ago? The time lag is due to various reasons. XD J1s, please read the post below this! And J2s, read the post below the J1s' post.


This post is actually just to inform those who did not come and those who have forgotten (if that's possible).

President/SL: Zheng Rui
Vice President/SL: Tran Ha Duong
Student Conductor/SL: Shena Lim
Secretary: Jean Tan
Treasurer cum QM: Clara Lim
Welfare Rep!: Kuah Li Qin
SLs: Lu Jun, Juliana

Respect your 8 Exco members ok!

To all who ran, I applaud your bravery for running, whether you got in or not. This election has been rather interesting (though hurried). I think I'll start missing guitar soon, 'cause I suddenly have nothing to do. Ah well.

New Exco: Jiayou ok!
Juniors: Like I said, don't disappoint your seniors during concert! XD
Seniors: MUST REMEMBER TO SUPPORT YOUR JUNIORS. And support the senior Exco's finalfinal event, Artsfest. First and last event, right? Lol. Monday training's compulsory.

Also, to the seniors who weren't there today, the NUS Guitar Ensemble (GENUS) came down to promote their concert today. For more information, check with Jonathan.

That's all...No more blogging here le...Ahhhhhhhhh.

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