Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hello everyone!!

Hope you all are looking forward to the farewell party next week! ^^

With regards to today's practice, the attendance rate was really good (except for the ares people), and we should continue to maintain this attendance rate if we wants to get a gold for our next year syf and not some cop (certificate of participation) or bronze. BUT, please practise asturias and entertainer at home!! so that we do not waste time during CCA doing section by section and if worst come to worst, we will make you all play one by one (: and i am sure you all dont really like the idea of that right. Please familiarise yourself with the notes, so you can play them even at a slow speed (the speed we went at today was really slow). I am sure devoting around 45 mins or even 30 mins of your time everyday to practise is not very hard right? On days when you all have alot of homework, tired, feel like slacking, you all can just make it up on another day (: You all can treat these practices like study breaks, you cant possibly be studying all day or just rotting infront of facebook or some other websites or games. If you all practise consistently, i am sure all of you will improve. For those who think that they have no hope in their guitar skills, you all can just practise at home regularly and if you really dont know how to play you can ask your section leaders or me to teach you, we wont scold you lol.

Pleaseee practise, think of the gold for syf next year! i assure all of you that practising is not pointless, and you will not want to regret it next year, if you hear the results "Hwachong institution ... bronze" . For those of you who think that it's still early, trust me it will be too late to start end of this year or even next year because everyone will be chionging their studies and homework because next year is when we take our a levels. So.. we should start early and be assured that we will get a good result for syf next year! Also, i am sure none of you want to hea lousy results being announced during morning assembly, and every other performing arts cca gets gold or even gold with honours. It's a once in a jc life thing, please do everything that you can, do not leave next year's syf with any regrets, and persevere on!

Please practise asturias and entertainer!! and also the other song (... moon river song as it may be our syf song)! (: Unless you all want to play colours of the wind for teachers day, and make everyone else think that guitar ensemble is confirmed going to get bronze or cop next year..



ps. please pack up stands and footstools before you leave! (:

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