Friday, June 25, 2010

Song for Teachers' Day

Hi everyone,

Hope all of you are alright studying for the block tests. Regarding the email we sent out on Sunday asking for replies for choice of song for Teachers' Day, here are the replies.

Asturias: 9 people
The Entertainer: 18
Colours of the Wind: 2
No reply (assumed to choose Colours of the Wind): 10

Since the most popular song is The Entertainer, we shall be playing it for Teachers' Day, unless by the August 13 Friday's practice, Marie and I feel that the ensemble is not up to standard and hence have to revert to the simpler "Colours of the Wind". I hope that all of you will put in effort to practice the song, which I will send to your emails soon.

Also, Marie and I strongly encourage all of you to learn how to sight read the notes, as it is not in the spirit of learning music to simply read off tabs. So I have scanned one of my books and uploaded the file showing the music notes and the corresponding guitar frets for everyone including all seniors to refer to.

Also, I have also scanned and uploaded a file with some of the common guitar chords, so you can strum and sing along with your friends too! (:

Also, since many of the J2s indicated they can make it, the J2 farewell party will be on 14th July Wednesday during official CCA time! The details will be confirmed and information disseminated after the block tests! Hope all the J2s are feeling excited! (:

Guitar practices will resume on the Wednesday after block tests, 7th July, 2.30pm at A300. Please turn up on time and remind your friends too! You can easily refer to the right hand side column for details. We have to practice The Entertainer full force to put up a good performance for everyone on Teachers' Day. Remember, if you are unable to make it, please get the leave forms signed and given to YingTing before the day you are away.

Finally, this is the standard we should be aiming to achieve for next year's SYF! Look at the video below.



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