Saturday, August 11, 2007

Some clarification

Hey hello people. I'm here to clarify some things.

If you look at the "rubrics" for the auditions, there are so-called "percentages" allocated to it. I know some of you have got misunderstandings about it. The percentages are not like the percentages that you score in a test, like 50/100 or wht not. Think of percentages as in like how much focus we are putting into that area, how much each of the MIs hope that you can display proficiency in each of the areas. No, we have no wish to make auditions seem like a exam, or test, nor do we want to. Just to clear things up here. and the percentages have been removed since they've caused so many misunderstandings.

Which brings me to my second point, I would like to apologize to everyone. I know all of a sudden there are alot of changes, alot of things to do, and alot of things to get used to. Songs didnt use to be finished within 4 combined and 3 sectionals. yes amazing isn't it. within 7 trainings, we've "finished" in a way a new piece. (ohya and good job ppl jiayou and continue prac-ing hard xD) it took us pretty close to 5 months to finish shan liang. (probably about 40 trainings assuming there are 2 trainings every week and 4 wks in a month). yes sure, we were all new then, and we need time to learn from the very basic, from holding a guitar to learning the notes, which probably accounts for the longer duration. However, looking at it again, its more than that, Morenita isn't simple. at all. In fact its 1 of the hardest pieces we've ever attempted. harder than shan liang, more so for shi jie. I dno, i even think that it might rival/be harder than some parts of our seniors' syf pieces. and yet, together we've managed to finish it. the road ahead might be tough, even stressful for everyone, with all the rehearsals, dry runs, full runs and whatever coming up. Its crazy yes, its crazy until i don't even bother to keep track of it. But as crazy as it may seem, i look forward to it. Not because with every passing day promos are drawing near and my teachers are breathing down my neck for january's tutorial, but because this is the club i love. and this is the club im spending time with. It might be stressful, with auditions and alot of terrorising stuff coming up, but rest assured that all of us, the exco, the MIs, are doing whatever we can, to the best of our ability, to make this as un-terrorising as possible. Especially the 3 MIs, eileen yingzhi and denyse. They really put in alotalotalotalotalotalot. how many people would willing stay up until 4.30am to continue having meeting about auditions, trainings and wht not. they did. and im really proud of them. But still, back to my point, im reallyreally sorry if somehow, we've stressed u all up too much. it was never part of our intention. our only wish is that, every1 wld be really proud to be proud members of hcgc. go around and, i dno. freak other ccas out. make them jealous. make them zi bei. and really enjoy every session we have, treasure every moment we have together. and not only start missing each other when we are forced to part next yr. but if somehow, stress and anxiety have unknowingly creeped into trainings, then i'll just sincerely apologize here. maybe its just the MIs hoping for too much from everyone. sorry.

And last but not least, some members have feedback on auditions and trainings. Thanks a million for telling us. Really, all the MIs are happy when we hear people telling us on how we can improve. while these things might not always be the most pleasant things to hear, they help us learn. precisely because of these things, we can improve and so, be 1 step closer to our dream. yupp so please continue telling us what you feel. admittedly, we're not good. there are times when we screw up, there are times when we could have done better. and we can only do so if you continue telling us where we can improve. so yupp. if theres anything you're unhappy about, do just tell your MIs or me. don't forget theres always ME if you just want a different person to talk to. lol.

ok thats about all le. o and a few more updates. club tee deadline has been successfully pushed to this wednesday (15/8/07). please try to make a design if you can k. this is after all, our club. and club badges are going at $3 each. again, do try to get 1. i feel a sense of pride wearing it to sch everytime. and even look forward going to sch slightly more nowadays, cos i can wear the hcgc badge <3 still hoping that one day we can all identify ourselves with that badge, and of cos, freak other ccas out x)

with love.

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