Thursday, August 23, 2007


hello everyone,
today has been a tiring and long day. many things have happened today.

first, i'd like to apologise for the outcome of the rehearsal today, many things were unable to plan in advanced due to the tight schedule and the limited amount of resources. it was confusing then and everyone seemed lost. hopefully, tomorrow's rehearsal would be better. as for tomorrow's rehearsal, dinner will be provided, so please meet at canteen at 5.00pm for dinner tomorrow.

Secondly, sorry to everyone, especially to those whom were there and to jianan for flaring up today. as can be seen most of the exco, especially the MIs are very stressed and frustrated over the performances when facing with the prospect of performing on stage within such a short period and the organizers pressing us for details for the performance.

Hope that everyone can try and understand that we are trying very hard to make things work here, we're new and jus got handed over at a really bad timing blocktest - handover - promos.
there is hardly enough time to prepare to perform on stage for events like the CIP concert and the teacher's day concert yet we really don't want you guys to waste ur 2 years in guitar jus learning ensemble pieces and be confined to playing in the LTs or classrooms.

however, guitar ensemble will not progress if we do not work as one. MIs can teach you how to play, help you when you're stuck and give you extra practice lessons and the other exco members can organize events like CIP, Chalet, Club badge and T-shirt. However we REALLY DO NEED you guys to help us out too. there are some things that cannot be done by ourselves. Auditions need to be passed to participate in concert (I failed too due to rhythmic issues), however MIs too have their personal life and matters to attend to. So please take the initiative to approach them for auditions if you cannot attend the stipulated audition date. Each section has 1 MI + the HMI we have 1 mi to around 10 members? They can only do so much and remind you so much. They too are humans. the same applies to the other exco members whom are trying to come up with more events for you to enjoy your time in guitar, however, responses have been generally (limx->0) veri little/dead. unless we can receive more input from you guys we are unable to proceed further with the planning of events. so please, WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Cliche as it may sound, but unless we stand together, we'll break into pieces

P means pending = just requires verification, it IS reflected


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