Monday, August 20, 2007

Updates on CIP and teachers' day


Some updates for CIP and teachers' day:

CIP concert: All black
Teachers' day: White t-shirt and jeans

Please remember to take note of the following dates!
22nd August: Teachers' day full run and combined.
23rd August: Dry run for CIP, 5.30pm
24th August: Dry run for CIP, 5.30pm
25th August: CIP concert, 6.30pm
29th August: Rehearsal for teachers' day, 3.30pm
31st August: Teachers' Day concert

Please make sure that you turn up for the rehearsals, as we have to be sure of how we walk onto and off the stage etc., co-ordination between everyone is important!

O ya, for the rehearsals, do remember to bring your homework and notes to mug as there will probably be a lot of time spent waiting.

This period will be very busy and hectic, and all of us will probably be very tired but we have to practice hard to put up a good show on Saturday night and on Teachers' Day, so lets 加油! We can do it! :)

Good luck to those taking chem SPA this week!

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