Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009/2010 Exco Elections!

Dear J1s,

as announced during practice today, you can download the exco application form at:

It is due next Monday (4 May 09). You can hand it to any exco member, or come find me in A205 (i.e. HP Classroom at end of corridor on second floor) in the mornings (I'm usually in class from 7am until flag raising). Late submissions will not be accepted (duh).

Next Wednesday will be the presentations / Q&A / voting. You are reminded that each applicant has 1min to play a song and 1min to give a speech. You can only combine with somebody for the song part, and at most 2 people can combine (meaning a total of 2min for song for the pair, then 1min each for personal speech). Combining is completely optional. Voting will influence our eventual decision, but do not directly determine anything.

Next Friday onwards will be the interviews. We will inform you of your respective timeslots after we have collated the applications and votes on Wednesday. The interviews will probably last until the following week. Naturally, the interviews will be the main opportunity you have to convince us (current exco & teachers) that you deserve whatever post you applied for, apart from the impression we have from you thus far. Note: Section Leader applicants will be expected to demonstrate their musicality (either guitar-related or otherwise).

Results will be announced when we have come to a decision after these processes (duh).

Queries can be directed to any of the exco members or me. I don't want to post my MSN or H/P number on a public blog like this, but many of your batch-mates have my contact details, so you can get it from them.

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