Sunday, April 26, 2009

Post-SYF celebrations


Well. Our batch has surely come a long way...And in two days' time, we'll be facing the final exam - SYF. After that, CCA would end, along with the tiring routine of going to practice three times a week at 3.30. (With the exception of Artsfest.) But, before we go our separate ways, there will be one last party! Post-SYF celebrations!

Yep. It's the last official practice/CCA gathering (excluding Artsfest and J2 Farewell). Sort of like an unofficial farewell gathering to hear the SYF results? So be sure to come down if you're not already going down to Republic Cultural Centre.

Venue: A305
Time: 3 to whenever - latest 7 (Results will be released at 3.15, so please be punctual.)

What are we going to do there? I'm not sure. But there will be food and other stuff to be consumed AT THE CANTEEN 'cause no food is allowed in the classroom. Also, if you can, bring along snacks and other "delicacies" as your contribution to the celebrations. We will celebrate regardless of the results of the competition, k?

All batches of Guitar club members are invited to come down for the celebrations as well to share in our joy/sorrow. :D

Finally, jiayou everyone! It's the last leg of the race, and we can't afford to let up. But I'm sure we'll exceed expectations on Tuesday, right? Afterall, it's the last MAJOR event we'll be doing together. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys on Tuesday!

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