Saturday, January 30, 2010

Schedule for CCA Fair

Hi guys,

The CCA Fair for J1s will be held on 3rd February (the coming wednesday). Lessons will be as usual for J2s on that day, so we will end at 2pm.

Meeting time: 2.30pm as usual at A300
What to bring: Your guitar, a pair of jeans, and guitar tee.

The performances start at 3pm, and we are the 5th performance. Below is the order of the performances.

1. Concert Band
2. Malay Dance
3. Harmonica
4. Chinese Dance
5. Guitar Ensemble
6. MAD – Hiphop
7. Taekwondo
8. MAD – Modern Dance
9. Wushu

For the selected people (Duong, jean, ivan, serene, peiying, juliana), you guys have to be at the CCA booth by 2.30pm, so pls meet earlier at 2.10pm at A300. You will still be performing, so remember to bring your jeans and guitar tee (:

-Zheng Rui.

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