Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seating Arrangements for 25th January Performance

Win already lah, liqin, why you make me look like the evil one? while people happily preparing for chalet, i am the one who come along and remind you all of work..*sigh*
but ANYWAY, aren't you excited? haha.
Here are the seating arrangements.

2nd Row:
 Ernest ZhiQing Niantee Joanne Charis Clara Stephanie PeiYing WanEr HanYong Jasmine Edwin

1st Row
Shena Serene LiQin YingLing Jean Juliana ZhengRui Ivan Duong LuJun WeiJie Randy

Please take note of who is on your left and who is on your right.  :)
If  you are unsure, you can ask me again BEFORE we enter the function room on Saturday.

Ok Jiayou k! i'll see you all tomorrow :)

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