Sunday, June 20, 2010

Important Issues

Hi everyone,

Important Agenda:

Attendance - Quoted from an email from our asst. conductor, Ernest:

"(18 June) only 15 people turned out of our list of 38 J1 students. If this goes on ... we will just have to ready to get Bronze, or even Certificate of Participation ... Those who miss must only be because of valid reasons, and not excuses such as "I didn't know" ... For those with reasons ... you need to look for Mr Chan and explain your reason to him, if he approves it, the leave forms should be signed and submitted to your SLs or the secretary before the day you are away ... If not your attendance will be absent without valid reason ... ours is the SYF batch, so we have to be even stricter ..."

So please, be responsible for your attendance.

Self-practice -
It has been noted, by the Exco and Miss Wong, that some of you are not yet familar with "Asturias", mainly due to lack of practice. Like Miss Wong said, other schools are already practicing full force for SYF next year. The reason why we did not have that much practice in the June Holidays is because we expect you to at least try your best to practice at home along with the Sibelius score. Ensemble sessions are not for individual practices, but for coordination purposes. We understand that some of you wants to study, but spending around 0.5 hours practicing does not take up much time. So, please find some time at home to practice and at least familiarise yourself with the song. Any queries or difficulties can be directed to your SLs or section mates.

That's all for now.

- Jin Jian

p.s. Attached two videos of "Asturias", one by the founding father of classical guitar, Andres Segovia, and another by one of the best classical guitarists of our time, Yang Xue-Fei. One song, two different interpretations.

p.p.s. To those that actually check the blog, please remind your guitar mates to also check the blog frequently for announcements, updates etc.

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