Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hi guys, this is your new EXCO for the batch 2010/2011!

President & Section Leader: Lo Sheng Hong
Vice-President & Section Leader: Tran Viet Son
Student Conductor: Marie Lim
Assistant Student Conductor & Section Leader: Ernest Chen
Secretary: Zhu Ying Ting
Treasurer: Ho Sze Yuan
Quartermistress: Jeraldine Yap
Welfare Representative: Amanda Pan
Section Leader: Amelia Chua
Section Leader: Chong Jin Jian

The senior EXCO has officially stepped down from now on, I believe they have done their very best for the guitar ensemble and they deserve a final round of applause (: they are:

Ex-President & Section Leader: Zheng Rui
Ex-Vice-President & Section Leader: Tran Ha Duong
Ex-Student Conductor & Section Leader: Shena Lim
Ex-Secretary: Jean Tan
Ex-Treasurer & Quartermistress: Clara Lim
Ex-Welfare Representative: Kuah Li Qin
Ex-Section Leader: Juliana Ng
Ex-Section Leader: Lu Jun

On behalf of the ex-exco, we really hope that you guys will soar to even greater heights under the new leadership, you must respect them like how you respected us. We will probably drop by once in a while, go for the gold next year!

With best wishes,
Zheng Rui

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