Tuesday, June 17, 2008


These are the best kept secrets to BLOCK tests:

Secret 1: Relax and rejuvenate
The key to relaxing and rejuvenating just before the exams to avoid ERS (exam related stress) is to play Gavotte on the guitar =D. The enriching melody of gavotte would help to alleviate all emotional trauma you have faced from mounds of texts. IF you get bored of playing gavotte, move on to playing Salut de Amor (yea!). I am sure that the slow tempo of the song would be extremely beneficial in decreasing your high metabolic rate after a mugging marathon.

Secret 2: Charge up your spirits
After you are relaxed and before you run your next lap of the mugging marathon, it is important to charge up your spirits. What's better than playing the Theme from Star Wars that contains the grandness of the battlefield yet the burning desire to outlast in the mugging marathon. After playing the Theme from Star Wars, play Malaguena, a flamenco piece known for its liveliness and deep passion in its unmistakable fandango style.

Secret 3: The final secret to topping all the subjects (for exco)
Learn up La Cucuracha and 13 days in France!! Being able to reach this stage means that you have relaxed and rejuvenated, and all fired up. Accompany your last mugging burst with these familiar tunes and feel the chemical equations, newton's laws of motion, kinetochore microtubules, and the PPC graph ease out of your mind. Its a 100% foolproof solution to getting As in blocks!! xDDD.

I am sure those who are reading this post now would benefit from my exam secrets. haha, i am JOKIN'!! its just for laughs :) 

On a more serious "note", do sleep early and drink lots of water. Its the last week of mugging before your blocks, use the time wisely.  See ya guys after blocks (hopefully you would bring a smile along) :)


Jon =D

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