Sunday, June 8, 2008

spring cleaning (:

Hi ppl! (:

This email is with regards to the guitar room spring cleaning that will take place on this coming tues, 10 june 2008.(:

kays, the details are as follow:

Time: 9am-super late
Venue: outside guitar room
Stuff to bring for urself: gloves, masks, rag, raincoat (suggested by seniors, bring one for urself if u, a tee/shorts to change in case u walked out a layer or two (of dust) thicker. (:
Other things that anyone can brg if u have it at hm: small pail, black plastic bag (for dumping of some antiques), cleaning solution, newspapers, charcoal (heard to be effective for removing e smell in e room), lemon (
another possible way),etc.

FOR THOSE WHO MUST COME: pls try to be punctual kay coz we will be having a long day ahead n we wanna haf a gd start rite? (:

FOR EVERYONE: big news ppl, coz this year spring cleaning shall be pretty diff as we shall be opening up spring cleaning to everyone frm guitar. (:(:(: *cheers* Therefore, anyone interested and is free on that day, feel free to join us for the spring cleaning. It will be a memorable and eye-opening experience for many of us i believe.. (:

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