Saturday, June 7, 2008

Last 2 June holiday trainings


We have come down to our last 2 training sessions for the June holiday period. Following the 1 and a quarter week break for block test preparation, the blocks itself and the sabbatical week, we would be down to 2 weeks left before the performance itself. These 2 weeks of trainings would be spent adding in the dynamics for both Star Wars and Malaguena during combined sessions and a full-dress rehearsal before the actual performance on the 22nd July.

As you know, the exco would be playing 2 more pieces "La Cucaracha" and "13 days in France". These 2 pieces are still open for any member to join in and play; the notes are simple and the melody is nice. So do volunteer yourself if you think you can manage playing 4-5 songs in the performance. (You may also choose to join in one of the songs instead of 2)

For the last 2 training sessions of the holiday, we would be doing:
  1. Sectionals for Malaguena (esp guitar 1 and 2 who have yet to finish the song)
  2. Combined for Star Wars and Mu Chang (emphasis would be on getting the accurate timing)
  3. Combined for Malaguena (a number of tempo changes in the song that you may take some time to get used to; the fastest part of the song is 160 beats per min, the fastest for Star Wars was 120 beats per min)
  4. Exco would be combining their 2 pieces too (practice 13 days in France if you cannot learn both by Monday)

Lots of stuff to complete!! jiayou!! Use a METRONOME (click on this link) to check your timing =)


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