Saturday, June 21, 2008

Procrastination and more procrastination

So...While all of you are preparing for blocks and probably taking a breather by visitinng this blog, I'm going to try my luck a little.

There's going to be a J2 farewell ceremony in July (J2s please take note too (= ) and I have to form a subcomm to organize the ceremony. But because of the abysmal/dismal attendance during the June holidays practices, I haven't been able to ask the entire J1 batch for volunteers. Ok, I haven't asked anyone at all.

Who wants to join the subcomm! I promise it'll be loads of fun. If you want to join, tell me on msn or sms me (96663823) as soon as possible. If I don't have enough volunteers by the next practice, then I'll probably do a repeat announcement then. But I hope I wouldn't have to do that because we' of...running out of time...(It's supposed to be in late July. You get the idea.)

Thank you!
And good luck for blocks everyone!
Andand don't forget to practise your guitar pieces! (Refer to Jonathan's post below. XD )


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