Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hi here's the UPDATED AT 10PM groupings! Reminder: Lessons in the 5-6pm slot will now be from 5.10pm - 6.10pm! ALSO, THERE IS A SHIFT IN GROUPINGS, current GROUP 2 please take note, as Ms Ester Neo can only make it from 3-5pm, your group will be shifted up to 3-4pm. IF YOU CANNOT MAKE IT ON A NORMAL MONDAY SCHOOL DAY PLEASE INFORM ME TMR, THANK YOU.

Lessons will be in the usual classrooms E201, E301 and E303. Any enquiries pls contact 91723524 (vivien) or (msn)


Group 1 (3 – 4 pm) – Yongchuan
Melody 08A10
Tricia 08S71
Desiree 08S6J
Jia Yi 08S6D
Wei Han 08S7B
Zi Ran 08A12

Group 2 ( 3 - 4 pm) - Ms Ester Neo
Yisan 08S78
Feng Lin 08S75
Yulin 08S63
Yan Jun 08S70
Tzinwai 08S78

Group 3 (4 - 5 pm) - Ms Ester Neo

Meng Yuan 08S7B
Su Xiang 08S77
Jeremy 08S6F
Yu Lei 08S65
Nicolette 08A10
Gloria 08S67

Group 4 (4.10 – 5.10 pm) Yongchuan
Dujing 08S6G
Tuan Anh 08S6T
Zhao Rui 08S6H
Libo 08A12
Cheyenne 08S6D

Group 5 ( 4 – 5 pm) Mr Shi
Melissa 08S78
Winnie 08S76
Jess 08A14
David 08S72
Elissa 08S77

Group 6 ( 5.15 – 6.15 pm) Yongchuan
Yuhan 08S63
Huan Ting 08A14
Zi Yang 08S6N
Lisa 08S7B
Zhi Ying 08A15

Group 7 ( 5.10 – 6.10 pm) Mr Shi
Si Hao 08S6F
Lowell 08S74
Rhea 08S74
Kewei 08S77
Zhengshan 08S76

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