Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Rantings

LOL. i realise i'm like blogging most of the time. totally hogging the blog. ohwells.

anyway. WOW OUR FIRST INFORMAL POST. LOL. so cool. thanks kyna! eh ppl post more la. btw guitar v emo meh O.o okay la. don't set up wht emo guitar club luh! we can have hcguitar-emo section -.- and throw all the emo ppl instead. so awesome. volunteers? xD

haiz. blocks. why am i online at this unearthly hour. cos somebody msg me and dragged me online but in the end that person is like totally ignoring me and rushing to sch =/ i wanna slp!

smthing amazing happened today. i decided to do my 2nd tutorial. uh ya. in my whole jc life. i'm halfway through it alr! (:

p.s. pls don't end up like me. it sucks.

alrite! that person has gone to sch. i can go slp liao -.- nights! xD

paiseh did i mention that this post will be super random? >< its okay you only wasted 1 min of ur life reading it xD

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