Friday, May 30, 2008

Audition Groupings

HAHA...auditions are here. *yay*

As previously mentioned, auditions would not decide whether you would pass or fail, rather its for the SLs to give you comments on which area of your playing to improve on (technical, rhythm, dynamics or sight-reading).

This round of auditions are for both "Mu Chang" and "Star Wars". If you get through this round, you would NOT need to audition again in early July and you'll be playing Mu Chang and Star Wars in the Suntec performance. For those who are overseas and are unable to make it for trainings, you would still be required to pass auditions before joining the rest for the Suntec performance.

Group 1
- Wee Jia Yi  [1]
- Charlotte Lee  [1]
- Lim Yi San  [2]
- Desiree Cheng  [3]
- Elissa Choo  [3]

Group 2
- Gloria Wong  [1]
- Chua Zhi Ying  [2]
- Quah Su Xiang  [2]
- Tan Wei Han  [3]
- Chen Libo  [3]

Group 3
- Tricia Leong  [1]
- Huan Ting  [1]
- Chen Yanjun  [2]
- Jeremy Mak  [2]
- Winnie Foo  [3]
- Nicolette Wong  [3]

Group 4
- Tan Yu Lei  [1]
- Fang Yulin  [2]
- Melissa Yong  [2]
- Phoon Tzin Wai  [3]
- Lowell Lim  [3]

Group 5
- Chong Zheng Shan  [1]
- Cheyenne Lee  [2]
- Sun Meng Yuan  [2]
- Huan Ting [3]
- Charlotte Lee [3]

There are 2 guitar 3s in each group so that both players can hear each other's rhythm when doing triplets for the tambour. There is also at least 1 strong player in each group, they would be able to ensure the rhythm is accurate. IF you do not have a 'rhythm' player for Mu Chang, the SLs would substitute in during the audition.

During the auditions, there would be around 3 SLs present instead of all 6 SLs. After your auditions, would would be given the next piece Malaguena for you to learn. Time would be given for audition groups to practice amongst themselves, auditions would start after lunch. (those who are unable to come on Monday, your auditions would be on Wednesday or Friday)

The following people who have been missing from the past few trainings would be auditioned in July and that audition would decide whether you would be playing Star Wars and Mu Chang for the Suntec performance, there would be no further auditions after that due to time constraints vis a vis Suntec performance.

- Du Jing  [Guitar 1, Group 6]
- Zhao Rui  [Guitar 1, Group 6]
- Ong Yu Han  [Guitar 1, Group 6]
- Yu Kewei  [Guitar 1, Group 7]
- Lisa Chew  [Guitar 1, Group 7]
- Jess Song  [Guitar 2, Group 7]
- Wei Ziran  [Guitar 2, Group 6]
- Chan Yi  [Guitar 3, Group 7]
- Tuan Anh  [Guitar 3, Group 6]

For the above people, you would be grouped together (as shown above), but assessment is more individual.

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