Saturday, May 3, 2008

random ramblings

HI EVERYONE (: LOL. okay sorry. zi highing. anyway. this post is meant to be coming from a friend not a senior (aka. its purely personal)

first. sorry for mia-ing. haven't really been feeling well. so ya will take some time to recover but will try not to disappear too long from you guy's training. hui xiang nian ni men de! (omg this sounds so wrong)

second. thanks for posting on the blog! you dno how excited chensin and i were cos j1s were finally posting! haha. now we know wht u guys were doing backstage while we were on top -.-

OOO! i haven't really like said thank you to you all so ya. thanks. really. the concert will always be a wonderful memory, even more so with each and everyone of you in it. it all makes a difference. Thanks (:

ok anyway anyway, some of you have been asking me whether you all should run for exco and all. I don't have a definite one-size-fit-all answer. The very fact that you're in doubt shows that this decision really matters a lot for you, and thats good. Perhaps just recall times spent preparing for the concert. Savour the times spent with your fellow J1s, all the crazy training sessions and late night practices. If all these are important and close to you, then yes, do run for exco. Of course it isn't that simple. With the exco comes commitment and responsibility. To the ensemble, to yourself, to your peers, seniors and juniors etc. And the road ahead will certainly not be simple. Certain tough decisions have to be made sometimes, and at other times the pressure just seems so unbearable that you wanna give up. And the only that that will continue to drive you then will be the very same thing that i'm asking of you now - passion for the ensemble, passion for the instrument. With that, you should be able to make it through in 1 piece (:

I hope that'll like help to clear up some of your doubts. If you're hesitant to run due to politics, all i can say is that it will always happen. Politics are part and parcel of life. Just because they happen doesn't mean that we shy off from opportunities in life. This is one. Grab it.

Of course so far i haven't seen any ugly politics and thats really awesome. I hope that things can remain this way and everyone will remain friends no matter wht happens (: after all, in hwachong, we're the one and only guitar ensemble. how true! (:

duh -.-

LOL. okay i shall stop being spas. k i've got some serious headache so shall not crap anymore. hmm. last of all, i know some of you are afraid of running for the SL/SC post due the the musicality part imposed. All i can say is that do your part well, practise hard and you should be fine. In fact its not only the SL/SCs that needs the musicality part. While it isn't really stated in black and white that the other exco members need to at least meet the bare minimum for their guitar skills, imagine how fang xin i would to leave the ensemble in someone who doesn't even take time to practise well. Part of your responsibility in the exco means that you have to diligently practise (not that you don't if you're not) and lead by example. So if you're alr doing that have no worries and just run laaa (:

Advice for those running for SC/SL, start brushing up your guitar skills. the test WON'T BE hard. it will just test your fundamentals. minor things like rhythm, key signature, accidentals, fretboard etc all becomes uber major when you're in a position to teach and help others. yupp. hmm. read etudes and all. Carcassi, Sor, tarrega and giuliani are all good composers to go to. I prefer Sor and Tarrega personally. so yupp. jiayou ba and it shdn't be a prob (:

Shall end this super long post here. and go sleeeeeep. NIGHTS! ^^

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