Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi everyone! THIS IS A REMINDER!

any latecomers will have to compensate the lost time by staying back even later!

We didn't do too badly on Wednesday training, but there is loads of room for improvement! So everyone 加油!
We have only 2 more training sessions before auditions and to learn another new song!

By the end of this week:
Aim- Finish the whole song and combine!
( The playing must have already stabilised, with less of the buzzing sound and less hesitation about the timing)

Homework by Friday:
Guitar 1s: Start from Section D! Be more confident of yourselves and try to play louder! Timing is not as bad as it may seem to be. Just try your best!
Guitar 2s: Start from Section E! Timing have to be more precise! As long as you get pass Section E, things will get simpler, so fret not!
Guitar 3s: Start from Section E onwards as well ( especially bar 46, have to be loud at that part ><). We need to have your chord changes and the playing transitions a little smoother!

Everyone 加油! We can make this happen!

For those who didn't come:

1. ( This is especially for those overseas) If you don't have the music score for Starwars, please contact me ( sheena) via email or msn to get the soft copy! We don't have enough time to start learning the 2 songs when school reopens and make it in time for the performance.

2. PLEASE give a sign as to whether you will come for training or not. Even if you didn't hand in the leave forms, at least inform someone so that there won't be so much confusion. AND if you are going to be late, please inform us as well.

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