Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Song!! ...and training matters


Training during the holidays

There would be no lessons (refering to lessons by external vendors) on Mondays (since it is troublesome to come back for 1 hour of lessons) ^^. As decided by today's voting, holiday training is now fixed on 2 days.

Wednesday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 8am to 12nn

However, there is a possibility for training to increase/decrease based on the standard of the ensem as a whole. Should more sectionals/combined sessions be needed, Monday would have priority over Saturday.  Lunch on Wednesdays would be at 12.30pm so you probably won't be hungry before that (:

NEW SONG (A Theme from Star Wars)

The theme from Star Wars isnt the cliched Indiana Jones imperial march theme, and its not from the song "chariots of fire", its a different theme that you should recognise (haha). Anyways, we have allocated the guitar parts to your names based on the variety of techniques in each guitar part (this is so that you guys would become adept at a set of techniques). *Drumroll*...

Guitar 1, led by Huan Ting and Charlotte
- Du Jing
- Wee Jia Yi
- Gloria Wong
- Kyna  Ng
- Tricia Leong
- Tan Yu Lei
- Zhao Rui
- Ong Yu Han
- Yu Kewei
- Lisa Chew
Total: 10

Guitar 2, led by Kan Zi Yang
- Chen Yanjun
- Cheyenne Lee
- Chong Zheng Shan
- Chua Zhi Ying
- Fang Yulin
- Feng Lin
- Jeremy Mak
- Jess Song
- Lim Yi San
- Melissa Yong
- Quah Su Xiang
- Sun Meng Yuan
- Wei Ziran
Total: 13

Guitar 3, led by Sheena
- Huan Ting
- Chan Yi
- Charlotte Lee
- Chen Libo
- Desiree Cheng
- Elissa Choo
- Nicolette Wong
- Tan Wei Han
- Duong Tuan Anh
- Winnie Foo
- Phoon Tzin Wai
- Lowell Lim
Total: 12

Guitar 4, led by Jonathan and Jia Jun
- Kan Zi Yang
- Melody Ho

Sheena would be conducting for the 2 combined pieces (means she won't be playing). Each section has its own easy parts and difficulty, the people were allocated based on what technique is most appropriate from them to learn of now. Guitar 4s would not have any sectionals as 1 to 1 training is necessary to ease into the basic flamenco techniques as demanded by the guitar 4 score. Hence, Jia Jun and i would move around during sectionals to provide assistance if required.

For the next piece, Malaguenas, the a few have been selected to take up guitar 3 parts which are technically more demanding albeit SLIGHTLY. Guidance would be provided for these players. The lucky/privileged few are: 

Guitar 3, led by Jia Jun and Jonathan
- Chan Yi
- Chen Libo
- Lowell Lim
- Nicolette Wong
- Winnie Foo
- Phoon Tzin Wai

This year, the exco has come upon a decision to get each member to be able to sightread basic scores *smile*. SO THERE WOULD BE NO MORE INCREDIBLE NUMBERS, AND SIGHT-READING WOULD BE PRACTICED. It may seem difficult initially, but after you get a hang of it, its rather easy. So......there would be sight reading incorporated into your auditions (which should be in week 2 of hols), a very very very basic test. More would be elaborated on Friday (23rd May)'s training.

Lastly, we would need groups 1-2 to put up performances for the Suntec performance (roughly 5 mins), if you are up to the task, please volunteer!! (yay)

Wow, what a long post! Cya guys on Friday ((:

Jon :D

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