Saturday, May 17, 2008

relay system

hey all!

Some important announcements.

1) Message Relay System

We have come up with a message relay system to facilitate better communication in times of emergency. Please take a look at the table/diagram below.

(edited cos i missed out nicolette :XX)

Just in case you guys are still unclear about the diagram, it goes like this. Example: Jia Jun passes the message to Wei Han; Wei Han to Huanting, Charlotte, Gloria, Yisan; Huanting to Chanyi and Libo; Chanyi to Du Jing. Hope it's clear enough.

We (Exco members) will be calling you people up to update you about the attire so as to get the message across asap. So for this time the relay system won't be used yet. Ie. Wei Han calls up Huanting, Charlotte, Gloria, Yisan; Huanting calls Chanyi, Libo, Du Jing and Tuan Anh.

If you have any doubts about how this system works, please feel free to clarify with me.

*If you can't see it, check the guitar gmail.

2) Schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday
Tuesday's full dress rehearsal is supposed to start at 3 and end at 6 or later. Should your lessons end later than 3, please come asap after your lessons. You will not be allowed to leave early from your lessons.

Wednesday's the actual Arts Fest. Tech run will be from 4-6pm (or so), actual performance will be 7-9pm.

3) Attire for Arts Fest
Girls: Black pants/jeans + White long-sleeved clean cut (ie. no frills) shirt + Black court shoes.
Guys: Black pants + Black shirt + Black shoes (same attire as Gavotte for Esperanza)

Sorry for the last-minute information, I think we only knew about the instructions quite late as well. Hope you guys understand! :)

If you don't know where to get what you're supposed to get (esp for girls), please ask around k. And borrow from your friends or something. We'll need to bring the attire for Tuesday's full dress rehearsal.


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